Why I Write

For my first post here on this new website in this new year, I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted to discuss. My book is through its edits and mostly out of my hands now, on its way to the completion of a journey that I have dreamed about for years. And, as a consequence, my life lately has been more worrying about marketing than worrying about writing. And some of this marketing gave me advice about the things I should be writing, about what’s selling and not selling, about what people want to read. Which is all important when you are in the process of marketing your book.

But it got me to thinking about why I write. And, when I sit down to write a story, it’s because the characters are clamoring in my head and I need to get them out so I can get some peace and quiet. It’s because there’s an image, or a place, or a line of dialogue, that I want to get down on paper (or screen, more likely), so that I can share it. And it used to be that I just shared it with my family and friends, but now I’m lucky enough that I get to share it with all of YOU. (Or maybe you’ve all become my friends!)

So I write. I write because I love creating. I write because it brings me joy. I write because it makes me happy. And I hope that what I write brings you some joy and happiness, too! That is, I think, my best approach to marketing. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. Great post, Skylar. This is so important for us to remember–especially this year! No matter what we do to market our new books, we can’t lose sight of what got us writing in the first place–the joy of it!

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