How Do You Like Your Books: Paper or Digital?

Now that the holidays are over, a few of my friends have showed off their new e-readers to me, like a Nook or the drool-worthy Kindle Paperwhite. It appears that the rumors are true: E-readers are taking over the reading universe!

Funnily enough, a few years ago my husband asked me if I would like a Kindle or Nook for Christmas. My reply? NOOOOO! Paper books forever! Get your silly technology away from me! But now, here in the shiny new year of 2014, I sheepishly have to admit that I read most of my books on my Kindle Fire or on my–gasp!–iPhone. I just love the convenience of having a whole library of books at my fingertips, especially when I’m stuck somewhere like the DMV or the grocery store check-out line. Plus, I save a bit of cash whenever I buy an e-book versus a paper one! More money to spend on new books, right?

But old habits die hard and I can’t resist the siren call of a book whenever I take a trip to B&N or a local indie bookstore. Although now I tend to only buy a hardback or paperback of books I really love or that my friends have written. Which is probably a good thing since my bookshelves are stacked to the brim as it is!


So I’m curious… How many of you have e-readers? Or do you only read paper copies of books? Or are you like me and you dabble in both? At the end of the day, I love the convenience of e-readers but nothing beats the scent of an old novel or the crisp pages of a new read. 🙂

3 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Books: Paper or Digital?”

  1. I’ve had my Kindle for two years and love it. I rarely read print anymore…even my OWN books! Like you I love the convenience when traveling. Ereader for me, and I’m confident it will continue to grow in popularity.

  2. I have reconciled my e book hesitation by buying only best sellers on my Kindle, all others indie store hard back when I can afford it, paperback and library when I can’t. I admit I love the size and weight of an ereader but still I prefer paper….just wish it wasn’t so heavy for travel!

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