Meet BookYArd Member, AdriAnne Strickland!

Since there are 14 of us hanging out here at the BookYArd, and my book, WORDLESS, debuts this new year of 2014 (like the majority of our books), I thought I’d use the number 14 in my introductory post. So without further ado, here are 14 semi-random facts about me and my book!

  1. I was a bibliophile who wanted to be an author before I knew what either of those words meant.
  2. Before I wanted to be an author, I wanted to be Indiana Jones.
  3. I also wanted to be an otter in Brian Jacques’ Redwall series. I sort of still do.DSC_0371
  4. Every summer in Alaska, my husband and I commercial fish for red salmon on our boat that I named the CATCH-22.
  5. The release date for WORDLESS—August 8th, 2014!—was partially determined by my fishing schedule.
  6. Eden City, the setting of WORDLESS, was inspired by Geneva, Switzerland, where my husband grew up.
  7. I am addicted to em dashes—it’s a problem.
  8. I’m also addicted to kimchi. I ferment it in five gallon buckets and then I eat all of it.
  9. I’m not addicted to, but am deeply love with micro-brewed beer from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Michigan.
  10. While WORDLESS only has a touch of romance in it—but definitely a touch!—I’ve read GRACELING about 500 times for the intense romance. *swoon*
  11. The tagline for WORDLESS was inspired by the religious phrase, which I came across during my research for a previous book, but the story itself is not religious at all.Wordless tagline crop
  12. I lived in China and was once conversant in Mandarin Chinese, but now I’ve been falling down on the job.
  13. I cooked over a wood fire and hauled water from a river on an everyday basis while living in the fishing village of Ebodje, Cameroon, for a few months.ebodje meal
  14. My name has a capital A in the middle of it.

In summation, much like this list my life is semi-random and more than a little crazy. Nice to meet you!

Come say hi to me on Twitter @adriannems or on my website!

3 thoughts on “Meet BookYArd Member, AdriAnne Strickland!”

  1. I loved reading this, AdriAnne. (Note the 2 capital A’s!) I once dreamed of being a salmon fisherman, but somehow I doubt it’s quite as romantic as I imagined (involving, as it does, fish parts). I’m also a Graceling addict (though I might not have read it quite 500 times) and an em dash fiend!

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