The Year of Launches

So, 2014 finally made it here and for many of the BookYArd writers, this is the year we launch our debut novels. It’s an amazing thought, and one that’s been cycling on a loop in my brain since New Years. The contract for my co-authored YA, CREED, was signed a long time ago and like many of us, for the first several months it didn’t feel real. Yeah, we were making edits and chatting with our editor but everything seemed SO FAR AWAY still. Not now. Now it feels like everyone’s release is just around the corner and the time has come to plan. Covers are being revealed, books are going up on Amazon and swag is being ordered. In other words – IT’S GETTING REAL!


For today’s post, I was hoping the BookYArd writers and other authors to be released in 2014 could share their current publication prep. So, what are you doing right now to prepare for your book’s impending launch? If you’re early in 2014, I’m sure we’d all love to know what your plans are for touring – are you going on a real, physical tour to sign or are you going on a blog tour? Have you created some amazing swag that you can share with us as well as the company you used? Did you decide bookmarks were useless, but bookplates were brilliant? If you’re already procured your launch party location, how did you do that?

I can tell you from my standpoint with my co-author, Trisha Leaver – we’re just in the stages of sorting out some preliminary things. CREED doesn’t release until November, so we’ve got a while to work on this planning. But you know how that goes for all of us…when you’re writing, time can occasionally slip away from you. Right now we’re looking into swag options for CREED as well as beginning to speak at local schools and teen advisory boards about the process of writing and life as an author. While we don’t know what the book launch will be like with two of us in the mix just yet, we’re hoping to have three launch parties. One on the East Coast with Trisha’s peeps, one here in Chicago with mine and then ultimately, one together somewhere bookish and fun.

So – tell us, 2014 debut authors. What are you doing to prepare for your book’s launch?

2 thoughts on “The Year of Launches”

  1. I’m going to be very interested to see what tips others share here! For prep, mainly I’m biting my nails and trying to fight the urge to hide in my closet.

    I love my cover, so I made some t-shirts with the central image. My daughter wants to have a tie-dye party for her birthday, so — who knows? — she and her friends may end up tie-dying Dream Boy t-shirts.

    That’s mainly just for fun, though.

    I used to work as the director of a history museum nearby, so I’m thinking I’ll try to schedule the art gallery there for a launch party.

    I’m also thinking about approaching librarians and teachers about visits. If anyone has any insights on that, I’ll be listening with both ears!

  2. I scheduled a launch party at my favorite independent bookstore in Alaska–Fireside Books. I still have no idea how to host said launch party, so that’s still a work-in-progress.

    As for swag, I have the usual bookmarks and bookplates, but I also had black silicone bracelets printed with the title, my name, and the line, “You are being monitored,” to imitate the scary “monitor bracelets” that certain people have to where in WORDLESS (I’m being vague to avoid spoilers…).

    Otherwise, does running around like a chicken with my head cut off count as publication prep? Because there’s that, too. And trying to write my sequel. And huddling in a fetal position. And….

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