That One Song

I have noticed a lot of chatter lately about book playlist. There are playlist widgets for blogs, contests where one lucky reader winds downloads of the individual songs, even dedication in books to certain musical artist. These playlists frequently loop in the background as the author types away, providing the background noise against which their novels are set.  I have talked to authors who spend hours, sometimes days, sorting through music, finding just the right songs BEFORE they type their first word.

Not me.

Perhaps I am the odd writer out there, but I do not have a playlist nor the desire to figure out how to install one of the blasted widgets (Every time I add a widget, my blog goes haywire. Yes, technologically challenged writer here!) There isn’t a song for each of my characters or a musical verse that perfectly fits any particular scene. What there is ONE song! And I listen to it consistently as I write.

One song for each manuscript, that for someone reason, stirs an emotional response in me.  It isn’t the poetic words that jar my muse into action, there isn’t one line in that song that I can pinpoint, rather the emotional undercurrent—the fear, pain, and anger—that drives my characters.  So yeah…music is key to my writing, but not because I have a huge playlist that exemplifies character traits or plot points, rather because one song drives the entire emotional undercurrent of my manuscript.

For my YA Contemporary, THE SECRETS WE KEEP, that song is “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.  What is your ONE song?

2 thoughts on “That One Song”

  1. Love that song, Trish!

    For A MURDER OF MAGPIES, it was “Sleepwalk,” originally by Santo & Johnny, but I also used many of the covers or reinterpretations. For my current WIP, it’s “Down in the Willow Garden” by The Everly Brothers. I like my oldies.

  2. Ahhh, I just love Kate Bush. Her “This Woman’s Work” is one of those songs I hit repeat on over and over and over. . .
    I usually have one song that encompasses the mood of the story I’m working on too. With my newest WIP it’s Civil Twilight’s Letters from the Sky.

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