Everything You Need To Know To Be a Successful Writer You Can Learn From One Direction

*Skinny jeans and beanies optional

Whether you are musically into the boy band One Direction or not there’s a lot you can learn from their journey to making their dreams a reality. *grabs your arm* Where are you going? This is going to be fun! Play along!

Here’s what I learned on YouTube about the Boy Band and their journey that began on the UK X-Factor:

Be Eager: If you watch the boy’s performances on X-Factor-any of them-there’s a common thread of absolute EARNEST need to follow their dream. (Bonus points for looking up Niall Horan’s audition). Lucky for them this comes across as charm,  and not desperation. They were all sooo green (you’ll excuse them, they were all teenagers) but they had a spark of something yet to come. We all have to start somewhere!

Be Tireless: In the video footage of the boys on the X-Factor, you’ll often here the judges comment about the band’s tireless work ethic. Everyone must take time to learn and improve your craft. Work for it. Take classes, read in you genre, join critique groups, and rewrite until every word shines.  Videos I’ve watched show the work ethic continued after the the X-Factor experience–they work as hard as they play–and the improvement from their first year alone and then to present day is amazing.

Love It: Any performance you watch on the X-Factor . . . or video after the X-Factor . . . these “laddy lads” are loving it. Their passion comes through. Be positive about your work, positive online, and positive in general. People are drawn to positive energy. It’s infectious. This helps if, like the boys, you have people along that “get it”. There is no doubt these boys are best of friends, and loving what they do. Bond with fellow writers at conferences and on twitter, then you can celebrate your sweet successes together as these boys do.

Be Patient: The success business, whether music or writing, is all about riding out the ups and downs. Rejection and failures are part of it. The 1D boys all auditioned as solo acts, and were all CUT in “boot camp” week. Then, they were called back and formed in a group. They then placed third, which is to say, they LOST. But then . . .  they were signed and became the biggest boy band in the world. The  journey may be lightening fast, and it may take years. But the secret? Do not give up.

Be Thankful: While they now have staff of dozens (security, stylists, etc.) and are filling stadiums worldwide, the boys are basically the same. Silly? For sure. But they still work hard, are kind to everyone they meet, and remember to call their mums. Stay grounded no matter where the journey takes you. Be thankful to those who helped you, give a helping hand to those coming up next, and . . .  call your mum.

Thanks for playing along!! Find me on twitter and let me know if I’ve inspired your inner fangirl! @MonicaYAWriting

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