Quiz! What crazily successful YA novel are you?

You’ve read them. You’ve loved them. But have you fully identified with them?

Keep track of your answers to find out what recent YA novel you are!

When you and your friends talk, bystanders…
A.  think that you must be quoting movie dialogue, since you sound so polished.
B.  compliment your Scottish accents.
C.  do not understand your references to deep Internet-nerd culture.
D.  What friends?  You kill your friends.

What are your views about names?
A.  I always use middle names with my nearest and dearest. How else would I show affection?
B.  I have several code names.
C.  Why have a whole first name when I could have half of one?
D.  Normal names should be tweaked and twisted to give them the allure of the future.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
A.  Stop using “literally” to mean “figuratively,” people! It’s literally nauseating.
B.  Disloyalty.
C.  People who like college right off the bat. It’s supposed to be a tough transition.
D.  Did someone mention pets? I would be happy to take that pet off your hands. And I’ll give you half the meat, too.

Your favorite music is…
A. Twangy, acoustic, and somewhat emo, with obscure yet profoundly meaningful lyrics.
B.  “God Save the King”
C.  Kanye West, though only when desperate times call for desperate measures (i.e., emergency dance parties).
D.  A soothing lullaby, which comes in handy when small children die nearby.

What do you think of math?
A.  Math is intriguing, in a philosophical sort of way.
B.  Math is useful and often fun.
C.  Math is to be avoided.
D.  As long as I can count from one to thirteen, I’m good.

If you were a book title, you would…
A.  Faintly reek of Shakespeare.
B.  Enigmatically juxtapose three nouns in a row.
C.  Be short and sweet.
D.  Evoke a gladiatorial past.

And now, for the results!

If you chose mostly As, you are… The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green!

If you chose mostly Bs, you are… Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein!

If you chose mostly Cs, you are… Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell!

If you chose mostly Ds, you are… The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins!

[Disclaimer: These quiz results mean nothing.]

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