It’s Pet Owners’ Independence Day!

April 17 is Pet Owners Independence Day! To celebrate, here’s a look at some of the BookYArd writers’ beloved little pets!

Mary Crockett:

Mr. Smokey Paws (shown here in a babydoll tutu) is a reluctant participant in our many dress-up extravaganzas.

Daisy (in a babushka headscarf and my garden shoes) is all around a better sport.

Our other cat, Sweetie Pie, is far too neurotic to partake in dress-up, or even sit still long enough to have her picture taken.

Stefanie Gaither:

Name: Shakespeare (aka Shakey)
Breed: Shih-Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix
Quirky Trait: He likes to climb things and stretch out along the tops of chairs and couches…. And he likes to snuggle between my husband and me in our bed and lay his head on the pillow because he thinks he’s people.

My faithful writing buddy

He climbs things like a cat.

Must…jump…into…your lap…

Rin Chupeco

Name: Princess
Breed: chow-chow pedigree
Quirky Trait: has no real function other than to exist as an unwanted fur rug. Also fond of sneezing, then rubbing her nose against you like she’s being affectionate instead of using you as her portable napkin.

Name: Cookie
Breed: spitz / golden retriever mix
Quirky Trait: fierce little guard dog when strangers are around, yet has a habit of running away and hiding when the little chihuahua down the block comes a-barking.


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