Getting An Agent To Go To Prom With You

Finding the right agent is like scoring a date to prom. Let’s face it. It’s the event of the year. It’s the event of your writing LIFE. So let’s get it right.

1. Don’t settle. You can’t go with just anyone. You are finding your match. Any date (agent) isn’t better than no date (agent).

2. Avoid Matchy -matchy. Sometimes we look for someone who is like us. I’m nice, they’re nice. I’m in pink, they should be in a pink shirt. But contrasting is sexy. If I’m nice, maybe they’re tenacious. I’m in heels, they wear converse.

3. Courting is a long process. Give them time to consider your offer. And take time to consider theirs. This is the start of something long-term beautiful. Not a one-off.

4. Rejection is not about you, it’s about the match. You are smoking hot, but they are just not feeling it. Hold out for that meant-to-be feeling.

5. Take every opportunity to meet potential dates. Conferences, SCBWI mixers, pitch sessions, and online webinars (PLUG: I found my prom date/agent Barbara Poelle through a WritersDigest Online Webinar!)

Have fun at the prom!

Monica Ropal

WHEN YOU LEAVE will be published by Running Press in Spring 2015


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