Surviving The Editing Deadline AKA Questioning Your Own Sanity

1. Stephen King says to “write with the door closed, and edit with the door open.” This is sage advice. Especially when editing with kids at home. Because a closed door will not keep them out, but the noise of the twisting door knob every five minutes will slowly drive you insane.

2. Make sure everyone, everywhere knows that while under editing deadline you will have no time for/won’t remember doctor’s appointments, haircuts, returning phone calls, school field trips. Showering. This will help save embarrassment later.

3. Keep the coffee pot on all day. Because I SAID KEEP IT ON!

4. Have an escape plan. Keep all paths clear . . . to the bathroom. (See #3)

5. When emerging from the cave in search of food don’t question those lingering feelings of angst and longing and heartbreak while you wander the aisles of your local grocery. Those are not yours, those are the feelings of your characters. No need to question your sanity, it’s all part of the process.

6. Question your sanity.

7. When you go to bed at night, leave your document open and ready, because you’ll be back at 1 a.m. Because now you have insomnia. Awesome.

8. Put all social activities and gym memberships on hold. Because hahahahahaNO.

9. Love your characters. Because it gets lonely in the editing cave.

10. Chocolate.

Monica Ropal’s debut WHEN YOU LEAVE will be released with Running Press Spring 2015





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